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Coach Principles Of Conduct

Coach Principles Of Conduct

Coach Principles Of Conduct

Rhode Island Youth Soccer League (RIYSL) and Narragansett Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) expect all coaches to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike and professional manner at all times. RIYSL and NYSA want to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for all. The game should be a fair, friendly, competitive and most of all an enjoyable match that involves the cooperation and support of all coaches, referees, players and parents.

The following policy asks that all coaches adhere to:


•First responsibility is for the health and safety of all players.

• Knowledge of the Laws of the Game and RIYSL rules and policies.

• Inspect all players’ equipment and field for the safety of all.

• Supervise and control your players to avoid injuries.

• Implement proper training methods to avoid any player injuries.


• Develop the player’s appreciation for the game.

• Keep winning and losing in proper perspective.

• Be sensitive to each player’s development needs.

• Inform all players on all aspects of the game and its demands.

• Players need to have fun.

• Allow them to be creative, make decisions and give feedback.

• Training should be conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning.


• Strive to maintain the integrity within our sport.

• Work in the spirit of cooperation with officials, administrators, coaches and spectators to provide the youth soccer experience.

• Be a positive role model.

• Set the standard for sportsmanship.

• The result of the games should not be the focal point of the game and the result differential should not be allowed to exceed more than eight goals.

• Review with players and parents what acceptable behavior is.

• Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, parents, supporters and themselves. When situations of unacceptable behavior occur, the coach must immediately address the problem.

• Encourage all to cheer for all players on the field and not yell and criticize them.

• Refrain from addressing any referee during the game. If a coach has an issue with a game or referee, they need to inform their association about it and not hold court on the field at any time.

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